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One night, as I was trying to go to sleep and thinking about customs as I did so, a brilliant idea hit me. I should do a cuttlefish pony! After all, I love them and I felt fairly certain that nothing like that had ever been done before. As I had recently acquired both Waterfire and Seaspray, I actually got out of bed to go look at the two of them and decide which color/pose I liked better for the idea. Though they're pretty close in color, Seaspray immediately stood out as a wonderful choice for the pose. The very next day I started on the path that would lead me to the whole Cephalopod Series of ponies.

I started work on the pony that became Apama and began pondering what other cephalopods could be made into ponies. Quickly, I decided that Beachberry would be great for a Giant Pacific Octopus pony, Island Rainbow would be good for a nautilus pony of some sort, and Bow Tie would be a good squid pony. After purchasing these, I walked out of the store and contentedly thought to myself that now I had the bases for doing ponie for all the main cephalopod groups, minus weird things like Vampyroteuthis infernalis. Immediately, my brain pulled up an image of Fizzy Pop, and I knew that I was going to have to do a Vampire Squid pony as well as the others.

Thus the Cephalopod Ponies were born!

Apama, the Giant Cuttlefish Pony
Infernalis, the Vampire Squid Pony
Dofleini, the Giant Pacific Octopus Pony
Pompilius, the Emperor Nautilus Pony
Opalescens, the California Market Squid Pony
Meeki, the Ammonite Pony
Mimic Octopus 1
Mimic Octopus 2
Lunalata, the Blue Ringed Octopus Pony

Infernalis, Apama, and Opalescens

Pompilius and Dofleini

Cephalopod Ponies on Parade! My entry into the MLP Arena's "Ponies on Parade" contest in April, 2005.

The Mimic Octopus Ponies together.

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