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Cuttlefish have fascinated me ever since I first learned about them in CP Biology in ninth grade. Not squid, not octopuses, not even found in the Western Hemisphere, they're rather fascinating creatures who it's becoming clear communicate with patterns and have the amazing color changing abilities of their relatives. Interestingly enough, before I even knew what they were, I encountered their porous, internal shell as a calcium supplement for pet birds-cuttlebones.

I pondered pictures of various species in my beloved Cephalopods: A World Guide and quickly decided that, with my fondness for black and white stripes on cephalopods after some extensive research I had done on Sepioteuthis sepioidea, the Caribbean Reef Squid, I wanted to go with the Giant Cuttlfish, Sepia apama. In reality, given how similar the Caribbean Reef Squid is in appearance to cuttlefish, this pony was actually somewhat inspired by them too.

Names tend to be something I have a bit of trouble with, so I decided to go with the cop-out of getting the name for the pony from the scientific name, so Apama she became. I think it's a nice enough name as these things go. More information about Giant Cuttlefish can be found here and more on the Caribbean Reef Squid can be found here.

Apama has been rehaired with stripes of black and white silky hair. Her symbol was painted freehand using pearly sort of paints, to try to give the same sort of feel as Seaspray's original "Dazzle Bright" symbol. Her magnetic foot has been marked with a fish, and similar, smaller fish have been painted in her eyes. As she was the first G3 pony I ever took apart, I made some mistakes and tore her a bit around the neck. She has a shell necklace there, both as decoration and to block that mark. She also has a anklet made of pearl beads. I loved how her hair turned out, very long and straight, so I left it be rather than styling it further.

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