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I've been known to dabble in various bits of art now and then. I don't make any claims to fame, though a lot of people seem to enjoy it. I hope you do, too.

Octopus Garden ATC "Octopus ATC 1": An octopus hanging out in a reef. 2.5"x3.5", acrylics, March 2008
Octopus Garden "In the Octopus' Garden 1": An Octopus vulgaris in its pottery home. Watercolor, May 2007
Toucan A pretty blue toucan. No, it is not the Fruit Loops mascot.
Monal Pheasant A monal pheasant, a bird from southeast Asia. This is a male displaying. The feathers really are about these colors, just irridescent (which is hard to do in colored pencil).
Auron A friend from PokeMUSH, Thistle-Chaser, really likes Final Fantasy X, particularly the characters Auron and Jecht. I drew this picture of Auron for her.
Ctenophore A picture I did in watercolors of a ctenophore, also known as a comb jelly.
Leaf A watercolor I did of a pretty leaf I found
Kanoni A sketch I did of an anthropomorphic black palm cockatoo in watercolor pencils.
Cockatryce A drawing I did of a cockatryce, a creature found in the novel I wrote last November. Drawn in colored pencils.
Tulip A watercolor of a tulip.

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