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Octopus are incredible animals. They're arguably the most intelligent of invertebrates, have amazing abilities to change color and shape that put chameleons to shame, and some even have definite personalities. The Giant Pacific Octopus, Enteroctopus dofleini (alternatively, Octopus dofleini), is one of these, and the largest species of octopus as well. You can read more about them here.

Dofleini has been made from a Beachberry and was easily the most frustrating of the Ceph Ponies to complete. Some contaminant was on her that caused her symbol to be unable to dry. After a week and a half or two weeks and managing to smear it in the process of doing her hair, I decided it was a hopeless cause and stripped it and cleaned the area again. The next two times, I became more and more unhappy with how it looked, and ended up by redesigning it entirely. Fortunately, my first time painting the new symbol both turned out well and dried normally, and so I was able to leave it be.

She has been rerooted with stripes of yellow and white hair and painted with a pink octopus. Some image from my childhood attributes octopuses with yellow eyes, so though I was unable to find any actual photographs with yellow eyes (nor would it make sense for many to have them, as it would possibly mess up their camoflage), I decided to give both her and her octopus yellow eyes, and chose yellow for her hair as well. Her hair has been crimped, and she has been given a choker with a golden seahorse on it and a seashell hair tie. Her magnet hoof and her eyes all have been painted with little crabs.

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