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Nautiluses are the last remnants of an ancient group of cephalopods. Most of those like them, such as the ammonoids, were wiped out in the mass extinction event that occurred at the end of the Mesazoic (Age of the Dinosaurs). All that is left now is the five-six (depending on the literature) species of nautiluses. With their simple eyes and many, many tentacles, they're rather strange looking, but their external shells are so beautiful that there is a thriving trade based on them. Even though I'm aware that we're not sure of the status of their populations and that there's a good chance they're threatened, I myself couldn't resist when I had the opportunity to purchase one of these shells. All of them are interesting, but the Emperor Nautilus, Nautilus pompilius, struck me as the most beautiful. Read more about them here.

Pompilius took form from an Island Rainbow. She was rerooted with stripes of white and orange-red hair and given the symbol of a nautilus. Her hoof magnet and eyes were also repainted and now have cute little crabs. Her mane is styled with many different little braids and tied together with ribbons that match a ribbon in her tail. Around her neck, she has a pretty necklace of different shells.

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