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I joined the spring 2007 custom swap that was held on the Ponyland's Catfights board, and when I got my swap partner's information, the interest that leapt out at me was octopuses. I briefly considered a few other custom ideas, but soon discarded them because hey, if I'm known for anything, it's my cephalopod ponies. I couldn't pass up the chance to add another one. Since cheezpoofs, the person I was making the custom for, also noted that she loved the new G3 unicorns, I began to consider what octopus species would work well with Brights Brightly, a bright yellow pony, as the base, the only unicorn I could easily find locally at the time. The various species of blue ringed octopuses quickly jumped out at me, and so Lunalata was born.

Lunalata was made from a Brights Brightly. She was given a new symbol of a blue ringed octopus, painted in artist quality acrylics. Her eyes were repainted in shades of brown as well as given cute little crabs in the irises. These were matched with a crab in the same blue on her magnet hoof. She was rerooted with stripes of blue and black kanekalon hair to help match the spots on her octopus. Finally, I made her a silver necklace with a fish pendant, the perfect finish for an octopus known to prey on both crustaceans and fish.

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