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Infernalis, though the second Cephalopod Pony to be completed, was the last one to be thought of. Leaving the store after acquiring most of the bases I needed for the various ponies, I started thinking about how I had most of the materials I needed to represent the major groups of cephalopods. As I did so, I continued to think about how I wasn't covering weird things, like Vampyroteuthis infernalis (and yes, I did specifically think of it in terms of its official name, making me one of the bigger geeks on the face of the planet). And then it hit me: Fizzy Pop was a beautiful purple, just perfect for the Vampire "Squid," as it looks purple in some photographs due to the lighting.

V. infernalis is one of the stranger critters we've found in the depths. They are neither squid nor octopus, though they are related to both. They have eight arms, like most modern cephalopods, but rather than the pair of tentacles that squid and cuttlefish have, they possess a pair of filaments. These are used to detect things in their surroundings, deployed one at a time, and stored in pouches in the mantle when not in use. They also have bioluminescent spots and can squirt out a liquid with more bioluminescent specks in it, though it isn't ink. Dr. Wood has helpfully put up more info about them here.

Infernalis was rerooted with black and scarlet silky hair. Her symbol is of the Vampire Squid itself, though with both filaments deployed as a bit of artistic license. She, too, was painted with pearly-looking paints to try to emulate the Dazzle Bright look, even though Fizzy Pop was part of a different series. She also has fish in her eyes and on her magnet foot. Finally, she's finished up with a couple of bi-colored braids in her mane and a hair ornament decorated with shells.

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