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Meeki is a pony based on the extinct group of cephalopods known as the ammonites. She was not based exactly on a particular species, unlike the other cephalopod ponies, so I picked a name that just seemed to fit her best, from the species Placenticeras meeki. She was a commission for Asuka, who is of course welcome to call her whatever she pleases if she has a better idea for a name.

Meeki was made from a Dainty Daisy. She was given the symbol of a fossil ammonite, and while it can't really be seen in the pictures, there is a bit of irridescence here and there on the symbol. Her hoof symbol was done on her display side rather than on her magnet hoof, and is of the Paleontology Society's logo with an accompanying trilobite. Sometimes fossil ammonites form into a gemstone called ammolite, and she has been rerooted with silky kanekalon hair in colors similar to those found in the gemstones, with her eyes repainted to match.

Meeki with a representative of her closest extant (still living) relative, Pompilius.

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