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Mimic octopuses are an as-of-yet scientifically undescribed species of octopus hailing from the oceans of Indonesia. While very little is known about them, it's been discovered that they purposefully imitate the shapes and look of a number of more deadly animals that live in their vicinity, presumably to avoid being eaten.

I held an art contest in April 2006, the grand prize of which was a custom of the winner's design. MSKing was the winner and requested a cephalopod pony. When we were discussing possible designs, I told her about mimic octopuses and she loved the idea. We talked about several possible designs, but she finally chose to have the inspiration be a mimic octopus imitating a basket star. Another possible design had very much caught my fancy, however, and I ended up by making my own mimic octopus custom.

Mimic Octopus 1 was made out of a Love Wishes. She was painted with artist quality model paints to have a mimic octopus disguising itself as a basket star as her symbol and a striped heart on her magnet hoof. Her eyes were painted an aqua that matches Mimic Octopus 2's eyes. She has dark red and cream colored kankelon hair of two types. The stripes alternate in size, an idea I feel turned out quite well.

The two Mimic Octopus Ponies together.

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