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The custom ponies I have that are for sale will have that noted on their individual pages as well as on the main customs page. If it doesn't say it's for sale, it's not. I try to show and describe my ponies to the best of my ability, but they are customs, and as such, are not perfect and may have flaws.

Payments and Shipping:

I accept Paypal and money orders. If you wish to buy a custom from me, email me using the link in the menu on the left hand side of my webpages. I ship worldwide in well-packed boxes for customs, MIB ponies, or large lots, or a brand new bubble envelope for single ponies. Shipping fees include the cost of shipping, delivery confirmation, and a small fee to pay for the packaging. Once I have mailed off a pony, it is out of my hands, and I am not responsible for what the post office does with or to it.


Unfortunately, I am unable to accept commissions at this time.

My eBay user ID is firebyrd11 or you can find me on the MLPTP or Arena under Firebyrd. Feel free to check out my feedback!

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