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Hasbro started coming out with Ponyville ponies in 2006, very small ponies completely molded in plastic. Also known as chibis, they proved a hit among children and customizers alike. I resisted them for a while, but finally seeing a customized one in person broke down the walls and I had to customize some of my own. Yum Yum was the first started, though the second completed. She's inspired by G1 Twice-as-Fancy Yum Yum, one of my favorite ponies despite her pinkness.

Yum Yum was made from a Bay Breeze. Her base hair color was perfect, but unfortunately, she had other stripes of color painted on. I tried, but failed at being able to get all of the thick paint removed from all the cracks and crevices. Thus, I repainted her hair in the appropriate pink. I painted her eyes lavender to match the original Yum Yum's. Then came the fun part-painting tiny pieces of candy all over her body. Finally, I gave her feathered wings made out of pink Fantasy Film for a look reminiscent of the original pegasus while giving the chibi version a uniqueness all her own.

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