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The Pokemon swap on the Arena was another swap I joined, with Ninetales for Ranchlamb the result. Ninetales was made from a Bowtie and handpainted a creamy ivory all over with just a bit of texturing to suggest fur. Her eyes were painted a deep reddish brown. She was rehaired in platinum colored silky kanekalon. Her most stunning feature, however, is her nine tails. Thanks to Bladespark, I was able to get some fur the perfect cream color I wanted. Each was faintly dyed in spots with orange to hint at the pokemon's fiery nature. After they were stuffed, they were attached to the pony with wire. The wire runs through the middle of each tail, allowing them some flexibility to be posed. They are rather overwhelming on the pony, but that is the case with Ninetales the pokemon also, which is based off of the many-tailed kitsune, fox spirits of Japan. It works out quite well.

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