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Stella June requested a persona custom and this is the result. I fashioned the pony from a Swirly Pop. Her display side was changed to match the reference picture I was sent and the front left hoof got a stocking. Though not the magnet hoof, I painted a free-hand heart on the right front hoof like most of the G3s have. Her eyes were almost perfect already, so I just tweaked them a bit to give them a dark blue strike and black eyeliner. Her symbol is another free-hand heart, this one painted over crossbones. I rerooted her in black, white, and hot pink silky kanekalon hair. Her hairstyle is simple, with a single braid in one of the white stripes on her mane and tied off with a real leather tie which matches the one on her pendant. Finally, I sculpted headphones for her from black Bake and Bend Sculpey over a leftover set of antennae that I had hanging around.

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