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As legend has it, snakes were driven out of Ireland by Saint Patrick. This, among a number of other feats, propelled him to sainthood and his own holiday where people attempt to find their Irish roots, small as they may be.

But wait! What is this?

It's Snake in the Grass! A snake-themed pony, she attempted to disguise herself as a simple Saint Patrick-loving gal to sneak herself and her friends back into Ireland. Will anyone foil her plot to return limbless reptiles to the Emerald Isle?

Snake in the Grass was made from a Summer Bloom and inspired by the sparkly Saint Patrick's Day hat given to me by Crystal Snowflake. She was rerooted in dark green silky kanekalon hair. Her eyes were repainted green with a three-leafed shamrock in each. Sculpted onto her side is a snake eeling its way through some grass. A matching snake can be placed on her head and hidden under her hat.

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