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The Final Fantasy series is well known for its various summoned monsters. One of the ones that virtually always shows up is Shiva. Though the name and coloration are based on a Hindu god, strangely, Square has always chosen to portray her as female. She's a goddess of ice in the games, though rarely dressed for such a cold task. The pony based off of her was commissioned by Majiqua.

This pony was based off of the version of Shiva found in Final Fantasy X. She was made from a blue G1 Sweetheart Sister mold, and as such, does have a few flaws that come from being a toy that's close to twenty years old. She has been rehaired with dark blue saran hair. It's very, very thick-her mane has more than a skein of the hair in it. This has been styled into elaborate dreadlocks with various hair ornaments in them. Wire is in the center of these, allowing for a bit of poseability as well as helping to keep the hairstyle secure.

Down the left side of her face trails ice and shards of it spring forth from her right foreleg. Her eyes have been painted a depthless blue and given blue eyeshadow. On each flank, the symbol that stands for Shiva in the game has been painted in artist quality acrylic model paints. In addition, the tattoos she has on her legs in the game have been painted along her flanks and hind legs. Ribbon wrappings have been placed on her forelegs and a custom-dyed veil hangs around her waist. The veil is removeable.

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