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One of the sweetest people in the world is a well known member of the pony community, KarRedRoses. Her favorite pony is G1 Red Roses, and after all the nice things she's done for me, I wanted to do something for her in return. I decided to make her a Ponyville chibi Red Roses.

Red Roses was made from a chibi, obviously, though I cannot remember which. Her hair was already pink, but it was too dark, so I painted over it. I then painted her eyes the same pink and added her symbol of a spraying perfume bottle. Finally, I sculpted her a small horn, as no unicorn chibis had been released when I started, attached it, and painted it as close a match to her body color as I could get. She ended up making it to KarRedRoses right around Christmas, which made me even happier about the whole thing.

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