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The fall of 2007 was the season of custom swaps for me. There were so many fun ones that I couldn't resist joining. One of these was the breeding swap, where people chose two ponies they wanted to have an offspring, and their partner imagined and created what the two ponies' genese would combine as. My partner picked Moonstone and Star Hopper as her two ponies and so Moonhopper was born.

Moonhopper was made from a Baby Glory. She was repainted in a vibrant blue-green color inspired by Star Hopper's body. Her eyes were painted in magenta, a color inherited from her father, Moonstone. She was given hair in Watermelon, Golden Delicous, Lucky Clover, and Bobby Blue from Dollyhair, the colors reminiscent of both Moonstone and the store version of Star Hopper. Finally, her symbol was a combination of both parents', the UFO from Star Hopper surrounded by the glittery stars of Moonstone.

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