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David Bowie was infamous for taking on different personas during different stages in his early career. One of these was the Thin White Duke, which he became for the 1976 album "Station to Station." The Duke was known for his flaming red hair and blonde bangs which contrasted with his minimalistic business neutral wardrobe and gold crucifix. During concerts, Bowie would remove and unbutton much of his clothing due to the heat, making his simple costuming even more simple. More info and pictures of the Duke can be found here.

The Thin White Duke was a commission done for a friend's sister's birthday. He was made from a Love-a-Belle. His clothing was sculpted with Apoxie Sculpt and painted with artist quality model paints. His crucifix was also sculpted and painted with gold leafing. One eye was repainted blue and the other brownish-green due to an eye injury experienced by Bowie that makes him appear to have bi-colored eyes. He was rehaired with silky kanekalon hair in platinum blonde and a custom blend of a couple of reds and auburn. His tail was crupped in reflection of his masculinity and to keep him in theme with my previous David Bowie pony.

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