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There is much more to the Harry Potter universe that shows up in the seven books. Some of this extra material shows up in Fantastic Creatures and Where to Find Them, written by J.K. Rowling for charity. This describes many of the monsters in Harry Potter's world, both those described in the main series as well as others. One of the others is the Augery, also known as the Irish Phoenix. It's a sad, vulture-ish looking green-black bird whose call was long thought to signify the death of the listener. Later wizards finally realized that it just foretold a rainstorm.

I joined the Arena's Harry Potter swap in the fall of 2007. My partner listed the Augery as one of her favorites, and as I had thought that was a good idea for a custom while flipping through the book, I decided to go for it. Augery was made from a very baity Flowerburst. He was given a full-body repaint in very dark green, then I sculpted on his beak and eyes. I drybrushed black onto his head, neck, and lower legs, then gave them all a wash of the same dark green that was his color base. Finally, he was rolled in green feathers and given a stiff, feathery tail.

Hilariously, my partner also made me an augery pony.

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