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"Burningating the countryside,
Burningnating the peasants,
Burninating all the people in their thatched roof cottages!"

One of the most famous characters from Strong Bad Emails is Trogdor the Burninator. First appearing in Email #58, entitled simply Dragon, the Burninator has gone on to worldwide fame. He's had games where he's starred, merchandise, and he even had a birthday party recently. Whether you love him or hate him, Trogdor's majesty cannot be denied.

Trogdor was made from a Winter Series III Minty. He was rehaired with silky kanekalon hair in the color of flames, to match his symbol of a burninated cottage and his hoof mark of a burninated peasant. Consummate v's have been very carefully painted on him, and best of all, he has wingalings and a beefy arm coming out of his back.

Bwahahaha, Trogdor strikes again!

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