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The Aurora Borealis is famed throughout the world, and a pony based on that theme seemed perfect for the Glitter and Glow series of ponies. Northern Lights was made out of a Thistle Whistle (so she smells of coconuts as well as glows in the dark!). She was rehaired in silky kanekalon hair in a delicate pink, which has been given a wavy, wild hairstyle. Her eyes have been repainted in yellow and pink. Her glittery symbol is of the Aurora Borealis glittering over mountains. Parts of these streaks glow in the dark. Her hoof symbol, like all of the Glitter and Glow ponies, is a glittery six-pointed star that also glows in the dark. She even comes with a scarf against those cold northern nights!

I started Northern Lights in October 2005, but hadn't gotten around to rehairing her when someone in the pony community first found a new set of Target-exclusive babies. One of these was named Northern Lights. This was irritating, because I really had come up with the idea before that, but when I saw the baby, I thought that the pair would actually look rather sweet together. I thus have declared them to be mother and daughter.

Northern Lights and her baby, creatively named Northern Lights.

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