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The Year of the Dragon Pony is a pony based off of the Chinese Zodiac. Many customizers have a project they get stuck on for a while, and he was mine. He was started in June 2005 and finished in May 2006, but then, he was a lot of work. Made from a Spring Breeze, he was given a Chinese dragon as a symbol on his flank and part of the way down one leg. A Chinese character for dragon was painted on his magnet hoof and his eyes were repainted red. He was rerooted in a custom blend of light blue and dark green silky kanekalon hair, matching the hair on the dragon in his symbol. The hair was not restricted to the usual two lines of plugs down the center of the head, though. Instead, he was given an elaborate mane resembling that of a Chinese dragon, along with a ridge of hair down his back, tufts on the back of his legs, and even long whiskers!

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