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The Year of the Rooster Pony is a pony based off of the Chinese Zodiac. 2005 is the Year of the Rooster, and I was actually born during a previous Year of the Rooster, so thought it would be fun to do. She's a rather wild pony who takes her theme a little too seriously. She's been rerooted with rich, two-tone red hair for her mane, which has been styled to stick straight up, much like a rooster's comb. Her tail is of the same red, as well as yellow and blue. Her eyes have been repainted yellow. Her symbol, obviously, is a stylized rooster, and her hoof symbol is the Chinese character for rooster. She was made from a Jazzmatazz, and I was a rebel. I wanted her hoof symbol to be on the same side as her regular symbol, so, since the two sides weren't that different, I painted everything on the ssame side as the hoof magnet, so her display side is reversed from other ponies of her pose.

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