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I've been a fan of Billy Joel pretty much my whole life, and one night, as I was listening to his "River of Dreams" album as I went to sleep, I was reminded of how much vivid imagery the songs on the album had. Next thing I knew, several ideas for customs popped into my head, foremost among them one based off of the tititular song, "River of Dreams." This custom is the result of that.

River of Dreams came from a Peach Surprise. She's been rerooted with Restoredoll's Sea Glow and her hair is very long and beautiful, flowing like a river. She's been given a symbol of a river and its bank, rather stylized, much as many things in dreams are. Her eyes have been repainted the same colors as those of the river and six-rayed stars accent them. As the song talks about "walking in my sleep," her hoof symbol is three little z's, which are often used to indicate when someone is sleeping in comics or cartoons.

The color on her original pictures was a bit off, so I've added a few more to show her better.

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