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Kat the Goth Pony was made as a commission for a friend. She originally wanted her made out of a G1 white pony, but when informed of the difficulties inherent in finding a 20 year old pony that's actually still white, she decided to go with a G3. Because of her preference for G1s, I decided to do Kat in the G1 style.

Kat was made from a Coconut Cream. She has a skull painted on each flank, no hoof symbol, and no fancy extra mark in her eyes. Her eyes have been repainted a deep violet and outlined with thick black eyeliner. Her open mouth and tongue have been painted a healthy pink, which contrasts with her pale body color and black lipstick. She has been rerooted with black kanekalon hair with a few surprising streaks of red peeking out here and there. This has been left long and straight except for a shorter forelock of black and red and a few small braids in her mane and tail. For finishing touches, she has wildly pierced ears and a studded collar made from real leather.

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