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Perhaps I'm a bit of a narcissist, but once I got into the customizing mental space, I couldn't resist coming up with a pony version of my online persona, the Firebyrd. Unfortunately, my brain seems unable to shut up, so I ended up by having not one, but two ideas-one for a G1 pony, one for a G3. So, rather than having to choose, I decided to do both, though the G1 version has yet to be completed.

Firebyrd came from Star Catcher, the first G3 pegasus to come out. All of her fancy embellishments have been repainted in pretty pastels with a hint of pearliness to them. She has a new symbol of a cherry tree in bloom, representing the tree that would always draw the firebird to the Czar's garden in the fairytales. Additionally, on her front display hoof, she has a red feather. Her eyes have been repainted in two shades of green and the star has been replaced by cute little cherries. She has been rehaired with "Fire Mist" saran hair, left very, very long. Her wings were painted with a couple of coats of white, just enough to leave a bit of blue shining through, and then covered with white feathers. She has a "crown" of braids that are held around her ears with a hair clip of a beautiful green.

Firebyrd with Star Catcher

Firebyrd with Always and Forever

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